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PPCF blames threat to national unity on Youth unemployment, unpatriotism, calls for National Reconciliation Summit.

By Progress Godfrey, Abuja

The Patriotic Presidential Candidates Forum (PPCF) has blamed the threat to national unity on youth unemployment, ungodliness and patriotism.

The group made this disclosure in a press statement delivered by its chairman Dr. Onwubuya John Abraham in Abuja on Thursday.

The PPCF which mobilized for and supported the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019, stated that as a major stakeholder in the democratic experience having contested for Presidency, it reserves legitimate right to advice or proffer solutions.

It however said that it is not unaware of the challenges of unemployment of youths, ungodliness and unpatriotism among others.

The statement reads, “the national security challenges in our country has reached its zenith to the extent that Nigerians are killed and kidnapped daily by unknown gunmen and bandits, which as we speak is ongoing throughout the length and breadth of the Federation.

“That the level of unemployment is a major issue threatening the co-existence of our country as our youths have taken to the streets in different forums while the majority have been leaving the country en-masse for greener pastures abroad.

“We also observed that there are ungodly and unpatriotic Nigerians in high places who might have vowed to make this government ungovernable, hence sponsoring different forms of armed banditry and other social vices.

“We also observe that the gross unemployment of our youths has increased and has made them susceptible to recruitment by kidnapping gangs. the various armed banditry and kidnapping gangs.”

The group therefore called for hands to be on deck to resolve the national security challenges following the recent rejigging of our national security architecture which was highly commended for some time now.

The PPCF further urged Mr. President to convoke a National Reconciliation Summit (National Discourse) where every ethnic groups, tribes and religions will be highly represented to proffer solutions and foster national unity and cohesion.

“We suggest strongly that Mr President should take the place of servant leader and call a critical stakeholder reconciliation meeting with former Presidents and Heads of State and the family members of late former Heads of State to a special meeting to solicit for cooperation and remedies to our national security challenges, where there is insecurity, there can never be development.

“That Mr President, with the spirit of National interest, calls a meeting of former Head of security agencies including military and paramilitary to a critical meeting of seeking these cooperation to tackle our national security challenges.

“We suggest that Mr President reconcile with aggrieved members of his former party CPC and current APC to work together for national interest, not for ourselves but for our children now and unborn.

“We recommend that there should be a special commission. or agency that will identify and collate data on the following categories of peoples such as unemployed youths, ex-prisoners, discharged security personnel, and expelled students from higher institutions due to cultism and other social vices as these groups are the major groups that needed to be monitored and rehabilitated,” the statement added.

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