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Moment with Kogi Rebel

Recollections on Obi Cubana and the Place of Friendship

~ Kogi Rebel

Common sense says Obi Cubana didn’t help everyone who sprayed him money or donated to his mother’s burial. He probably may have gotten those benefits because he is rich. Rich people rally round themselves to keep the network solid. It’s an unwritten rule of the thumb that comes with having financial prosperity. Or, for emphasis, plenty of it.

You see, some gift favours to the already rich to get more favours. Wealth attracts friends. People also spend to prove points when opportunities arise. Don’t follow those idiots who talk about circle circle. What are they contributing to their own circle?

You don’t only need rich or influential people in your circle to be rich. Network means the “doability” of your contacts. A mechanic whom is very good at his job is your contact. A tailor who can sew better than many is your contact. The person who knows almost everything but has no money is your contact. You will need them for different reasons, Infact, some, using them to make money. Your network are also your support system, it could be emotional, educational, spiritual or psychological.

Your network is not limited to other people you know. It is limited to what you know, the social skills you have, the political weight you can pull and your economic strength. The viability of your network is also dependent on your success as a person. Nobody likes you so much. It is an interconnected world of plenty possibilities. People want to link up with those who can secure their interests. What is Abba Kyari doing at Obi’s mother’s burial? It means, he needs Obi and Obi needs him.

Your network is about the skill-set, knowledge vantage and circumstantial advantages those you know can pull. It is the intercourse between your personality, the potentials of it and how you can entrepreneur those factors using the people you know.

Be useful, you will attract people to triple your value. It is a natural law.

You don’t need to pray for certain things. Jesus loved Peter so much, but they wouod need a rich Joseph of Aramethea to bury Jesus in his personal tomb.

Don’t stop talking to your college mates and childhood friends because some idiot somewhere is shouting “circle”. A lot of people have become so poor that they see life from only the perspective of wealth and poverty. They are certain things friendship can give you that wealth and poverty cant. Wealth is a state of having beyond material lack but the wealthy still lack. You could lack friendship, love, companionship, self esteem, etc.

I’ve seen a lot of people who think they are poor because their circle is poor. Poverty is relative. What are your own personal efforts to escape poverty? Why wait for your friends to make you rich just because you belong in their circle?

Your poverty or wealth is your own inheritance. It is your decision. Nkbody is responsible for your own life. Infact, those people preaching about “support your friends to grow”, it is rather cheap. They are certain friends that even if you empty your ideas and account on, they are doomed to remain poor due to their own choices in life and destiny. These things aren’t black and white. Before you can help yourself to grow, they must first be willing to grow. You can’t force anyone to be smart working like you.

I take all my calls and return the calls except I deliberately do not want to be exposed to a particular person. I do it because I know I need people always. I know people who are P.As to my colleagues and dont pick calls. I have same colleagues who have not taken my call this year. My network strength is accessibility. I also have access to everyone who matters in my life to make things work. It isn’t easy, my messages sometimes overwhelms me, but then again, they are people you can’t ignore and it has nothing to do with poverty or wealth.

Las las, if you’re my friend, know that I am not responsible for your poverty. It is not because I haven’t helped you that you’ve not blown. Life is deeper than the “motivational speaking value” that some people attach to it. Your current circumstances can be as a result of your mindset or probably the curse you’ve acquired due to your family background or the things you’ve done with your own hands.


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