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Eid El-Kabir: ADP Calls On Leaders To Engage In Divine Acts Of Sacrifice

By Akogu Yusuf
One of the most appropriate messages of felicitation on this auspicious occasion of Eid el Kabir or, Eid al-Adha is for us to echo and stress the scriptural origin and the true spiritual meaning of the holy day: total submission, unwavering faith and willingness to sacrifice even of our most cherished possession to the Almighty.
This is contained in a Sallah Message signed by the National Chairman of the Action Democratic Party (ADP), Engr. Yabagi Yusuf Sani to the Muslims Faithful in the country.
According to Him, “Related to the situation in our country today,  this very special day in the history of mankind, should be used  by our compatriots as a moment to reflect and introspect on the imperatives of  faith  reinvention,  reinforcement of  spiritual communion with our Creator and sacrifices in the ways of the Almighty and fellow human  beings. As it is, there are a legion grounds and demands on us to engage in the divine acts of sacrifice.”
“There is pervading in the country today a rage of anomie, rancour, senseless blood shedding,  mutual distrust leading to  destruction and  avoidable inter communal, fratricidal wars. One of the underlying explanations, no doubt, is the weakening spirit of faith and sacrifice among the leadership and the citizens”.
Engr. Sani added that “while the nation’s leaders have continued in their old ways of egregious looting and amassing our commonwealth, the rest  of the citizens have succumbed to the disillusionment and anger triggered by poverty and frustration thereby venting out their venoms against those who themselves are also victims of the present crop of the clueless, decadent and corrupt leadership in the country.
The prevailing gale of  violent agitations, banditry and communal clashes blowing across the country, would have been mitigated if, we had in place, a leadership that is guided by the sublime meaning of sacrifice which is another word for altruism in service to the people.”
He stressed that Nigerians must not despair but to remain steadfast in faith and total submission to the almighty.
“Let the people take solace in the existence of a credible alternative and should therefore resolve to use their votes to rid the country of the nightmare that has been our lot in the recent past. We must keep hope alive; we must not be daunted and we must not submit to the antics of those who reap bounties from our misery and death”.
The party enjoins the political leadership now in the country to strive towards opening a new vista  in their service to the people by imbibing and enthroning the meaning and essence of sacrifice as taught, among others,  by the holy book, the glorious Qur’an.

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