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The SLP is Apolitical, Independent, Impartial and Transparent*

By Kembay

Having listened to a widely circulated audio on social media of a radio interview of the Acting National Deputy Publicity Secretary of the main opposition APC, Mohamed Pope Kamara, picking out the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) as an example of non-independent institutions, I would want Mr. Kamara and the public to know that the SLP under the astute leadership of Dr Ambrose Michael Sovula is apolitical, impartial, transparent and working independently.

The SLP is mandated by the Sierra Leone 1991 Constitution to protect life and property, whilst enforcing the laws of the land.

Since he took over the mantle of leadership of the SLP, Dr Ambrose Michael Sovula has made sure that the constitutional mandates of the SLP are implemented without fear or favour on non-tribal, regional or political sentiments.

One thing that must be made clear is, that the SLP does not investigate political matters. Political matters are investigated by the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) which has the constitutional and legal mandate for such issues.

The police force investigates crime and not politics, in that in the event of any politician or a political party supporter is alleged to have gone against the law, he or she is investigated as an individual suspect and not on the basis of the person’s political affiliation or belief.

I am sure Mr. Pope Kamara would agree to the fact that the SLP had launched an operation codenamed “Avoid Idling at Political Party Offices.” This occured at the headquarters of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party on Wallace Johnson Street in Freetown sometime early this year. How would such operation could have been launched at a ruling party headquarters if the police is not independent?

The Inspector General of Police and other senior security officers had also stormed Kenema City and cautioned the Regional Executive members of the ruling party when their lower level elections intra-party conflict nearly became a cause for national concern.

These instances and many others are a clear indication that the SLP is apolitical, impartial and transparent in its independent operations.

I, therefore, advise Mr Mohamed Pope Kamara to be honest in the discharge of his task as a Deputy Publicity Secretary of his party, and not try to place the SLP, a professional, apolitical and impartial institution on the line for vilification.

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