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Liberian Shipwreck: 1 More Passenger Rescued As Search  Continues 

By Progress Godfrey
The Liberia Maritime Authority says another missing passenger of the Liberia shipwreck involving NIKOMore IVANKA has been found and rescued, a statement made available to The SUMMIT by the country’s Deputy information Minister for Press and Public Affairs, Jawarlah A. Tonpo,
Recall that The Summit earlier this week, reported that 11 passengers were rescued following the Search And Rescue operation launched by the Liberia Maritime Authority,  Ministry of National Defense, and Armed Forces of Liberia (Liberia Coast Guard) .
With another passenger being found, making 12, the search and rescue team is left with 6 more, missing.
The statement added that those already rescued have been given medical attention and have since been  reunited with their families, except the only female who is still undergoing medical observation based on doctor’s advice.
Frantic efforts are still ongoing to ensure that everyone is found and rescued.
According to the statement, “The Liberia Maritime Authority wishes to provide the following updates on the ongoing search and rescue operations involving NIKO IVANKA. We are pleased to inform that another passenger who was on the distressed vessel was found and rescued. This brings to twelve the number of persons who have been rescued while frantic efforts are still ongoing to search and rescue the others who are missing.
“Additionally, we wish to inform that those earlier rescued arrived ashore on Monday July 19, 2021 and were immediately taken to the John F. Kennedy’s Memorial Hospital for medical examination. They were examined, treated, discharged and have since been reunited with their families except the only female rescued; who is placed under medical observation for 24hrs based on doctor’s advice.
The statement further disclosed that given the nature of the dreadful distress incident, pursuant to Section 3 of the Act creating the National Maritime Search and Rescue Center of Liberia, the Commissioner as the designated National Search and Rescue Coordinator, has activated the National Maritime SAR/Disaster Committee.
It added that due to the internationally accepted 48hrs time lapse, the ongoing Search and Rescue operations will transition to the Recovery Phase at 1800hrs on July 20, 2021.

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