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Before Nigeria gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1960, they have been loud agitations from the components that makes up Nigeria. And since the young Army Captain, David Ejoor, lowered the Union Jack and hoisted the Green-White-Green, these questions has not abated rather, it has exacerbated, which cuinated in a bitter, needless and destructive 30 months of Civil War (1967-70).
However, Nigeria is not the only country facing many pre and post independence national questions. The so-called advance societies has had their share of agitations and controversies.
The United States for instance, fought  seven years of Civil War. Spain has been grappling with the recalcitrant Catalanian leaders, who have vowed to stop at nothing to gain independence from Spain. Sudan faced a long drawn battle with the South, until it eventually gained independence in 2011. Morocco and Saharawee Republic have been at dagger-drawn. Cameroon is facing dicey situation with agitation from the Anglophone South to secceed.
Examples are abound that in the whole of these self-determination hullabaloo, the watchword is caution. After the Catalanian referendum, which the Spanish authorities declared as null and void, nine (9) of Catalanian regional leaders were tried and imprisoned.
Recently, Spanish government pardoned the jailed leaders.
In the case of Sudan, Shortly after South Sudan became an independent State on 9 July, 2011, ethnic political supremacy battle ensued between the president, Salva Kiir, who is from ethnic Dinka and his vice, Riek Machal, from ethnic Nuer. After the prolonged push and pull, the duo returned to the negotiation table.
 The United States Civil War of 1861-65, also ended on a roundtable negotiation.
In like manner, The SUMMIT Newspaper is urging the Nigerian authorities to manage the ongoing divergent views with utmost caution, so as not to degenerate or plunge the country into chaos.
As a newspaper committed to a positive national discourse, The SUMMIT Newspaper watches with utmost consternation, as International mass media are not focused on our efforts at sustainable development, rather, our controversies. As a sovereign state that has pitch its tent with capitalism, we should be mindful of our reputation in the international community because that is the purview from where international investors or capital owners draw their inspirations from.
Lets not make the mistake of believing or thinking that we can move forward as a nation or achieve any meaningful development in the atmosphere of questionable national consensus. No sane capital owner or international investor will take his money to a polity dominated by instability, disquiet and rancor.
There is a time-tested saying that: “those who don’t learn from history repeats historical mistakes. We have suffered alot from our inability to successfully drive a national conversation that would galvanise the citizenry around common purpose, goals and aspirations. It’s believed that experience is the greatest teacher, however, far better is it to learn from the mistakes of others than yours. Irrespective of whether you learn from your own mistakes or those of others, the good radiance should be that those historical mistakes doesn’t repeat itself.
The SUMMIT Newspaper is of a strong opinion that Equity, Justice and Fairness are the principal driver of a cohesive, unified prosperous and enviable society. Hence, we call for Elites consensus on the way forward for a troubled Nigeria. We call for synergy between leaders and statesmen, without which peace, tranquility and progress will be a mirage for Nigeria.

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