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Agitation For State Police And The Nigerian Phenomenon 

By Olawale Olutope
You need no one to tell you that there’s high rate of insecurity out there. Nigeria has Its fair share on the issue of insecurity.
This has led to the continuous call of state police. How effective will state police be? Until then.
Those that are in the frontline in the proposal for a state police are mostly the state governors. They so much believe that state police will adequately take care of the issue of Insecurity in their various state.
As for me, I’m neither in support nor against this move. But come to think of it, has it ever occured to you that most state governors are most likely to have issues with the payment of salaries of their state police should this proposal see the light of the day?
There’s barely a state in Nigeria that is not owing some or all of its workers either salaries and/or entitlement benefits. For sure, should the establishment of state police come to stay, we should be ready to witness such!
In my own view, those (particularly the state governors), that are agitating for a state police in Nigeria should prove themselves worthy of having a state police.

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