Enenche Decries Killings, Neglect of Fed. Character, Harps On Equity, Justice As Panacea

By progress Godfrey, Abuja

Insecurity, unequal treatment among others now characterise the current happenings in the country.
It is in view of this, that the Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre (DIGC), Dr Paul Enenche has lamented the deplorable state of Nigeria.

In a Video Obtained by THE SUMMIT, Tuesday, The Senior Pastor condemned the killing of people in particular parts of the country, but justice does not take the center stage; even when the perpetrators publicly own up to such actions

He worried that against this backdrop, peaceful demonstrators from other parts of the country are leveled to the ground.

He further said the situation of appointment and positioning in the country appears as if intelligent people only exist in a part of the country, explaining that Nigeria is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-religious country with two dominant religious bodies.

“We have faced such level of oppressiveness in our land, such level of frustration in our land, such level of suppression; where in one segment of the nation blood will flow like water, killings and killers will arise, level a whole village overnight. In some cases they will own up that they are the ones who did it, for the sake of whatever reason they claim. Nobody is arrested, nobody is prosecuted, nothing happens, no consequence.

“In another part of the country, probably the South-West, South-South, or South-East, some people come out for demonstration and before you know it they are leveled to the ground, others are arrested. So, there’s one law for one part and one law for another part. That’s the situation we have faced so far – the situation of injustice and inequality.

“If you look at sensitive positioning in the executive, judiciary, or the legislature, in the military, or in the paramilitary, it appears as if there are no people in any other part of the country.
Take a look at this: the President is from the NorthWest and is a Muslim, the Senate President is from the NorthEast and is a Muslim, the INEC Chairperson is from NorthWest, and is a Muslim, the Speaker of the House of Representatives is from SouthWest and is a Muslim, the Chief of Air Staff is from NorthWest and is a Muslim, Minister of Defence is from the North and is a Muslim, Chief of Army Staff is from the NorthEast and is a Muslim

“Inspector General of Police is from North-Central and is a Muslim, National Security Adviser is from NorthEast and is a Muslim, Director of National Intelligence Agency is also a Muslim from the North, Director General of SSS is from NorthWest and is a Muslim, Comptroller General of Immigration is a NorthWest Muslim, Comptroller General of Customs, is Northern Muslim, Comptroller General of Civil Defence, is also a Muslim from the North, Comptroller General of Prison Service, is a Muslim from the North, Acting Chairman of EFCC is a Muslim from North, Chief Justice of the Federation is a NorthEast Muslim, Code of Conduct Head, NorthEast Muslim, Managing Director of Ports Authority is a Northern Muslim, the Head of NIMASA is a Muslim from the North, NNPC Managing Director, is Northern Muslim, Minister of Education is from the NorthEast and a Muslim, Head of National Universities Commission (NUC) is a NorthWest Muslim, Head of JAMB is a Muslim, etc. The list is endless,” he said

Enenche disclosed that It was said that the first 20 positions in the NNPC are being occupied by Muslims from the same region as well! What comes to mind is, there’s no intelligent and qualified person from any other part of the country.

The cleric therefore wondered if it means that there are no intelligent persons from other tribes like – Itsekiri, Ijaw, Birom, Tiv, Idoma, Igala, Ebira, Ibibio, Anam, Efik, Isan, Benin; No intelligent persons from any other part of the country that can be in any of those sensitive positions except for people of one region and one religion.

He further added that it is absolutely impossible for people to exist in peace under that kind of upside down, highly nepolistic, clanistic situation.

The Senior Pastor recommended that only only fairness, equity and justice would guarantee the needed peace in the country, adding that if there’s no dissolution of powers, there would be dissolution of unions.

“If it was a charm, it’s cleared. If it was a mentality bankruptcy, mentality is returned! It is impossible. There can be no peace in such level of inequality, in such level of bracing effrontery and taking a whole nation for granted.

“Nations of the word did not experience one out of a hundred of what Nigerians are experiencing that made them disintegrate. Name it, Solviet Union, Yugoslavia (was a country that split into eight countries).
Nations in the world that are wise and multi-ethnic, did their best. For example, the United Kingdom: even as a nation with several ethnic groups, they took care of that and gave regional autonomy to the Scottish, the Irish, and the Welsh.

“Switzerland has four ethnic groups and they made their presidency to revolve around these four ethnic groups.

“What is the solution to the situation in our land today? If there must be peace, there must be equity, there must be fairness, there must be justice.

“People have clamoured for restructuring. This is the devolution of power, otherwise there may be the dissolution of Unions. It happened in other places and we pray and trust God that it doesn’t happen in our nation,” he added

He further advised protesters to be peaceful and calm as two wrongs cannot make a right.

He also explained that the truth must be told because time to play the Ostrich and hide the head is over. People have been treated in such demeaning ways that must be corrected so prayers can be answered (and on time)

“It’s not time to play the Ostrich and hide the head under, what is not confronted cannot be conquered. Truth is what heals, and if truth is not spoken, healing does not happen. This is time to tell the truth. People have been suppressed, subdued, subjugated, second-rated as if they do not have sense, they do not have reasoning and this nation is one of the most intelligent nations in the world, our Doctors, our Professors are one of the most intelligent around the nations of the world. Nigerians are the highest foreigners in America having a Ph.D.

“It is time to sit up and say these things must be corrected and to do the right thing (and on time), so that Jehovah can hear us and answer our prayers.
As for every protest going on, two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Protests are encouraged to be very peaceful, very calm, no destruction of lives, no destruction of properties in any form, let no life be lost because there’s abnormality in the land , and we believe that God will help us,” he said

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