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I Was To Either Divorce My Wife, Appease Village gods Or Die: August 2; Day God Delivered Me From A Village Deity (Ibegwu) 

“I was to either divorce my wife, go for appeasement of the gods or die if I elect to remain in the marriage without the appeasement”
This may sound ridiculous, absurd or more like a mirage to those who are neither from my native extraction nor aware of the activities of this dreaded deity that has killed and wrecked havoc on many that are under her influence.
I am referring to the dreaded  deity called Ibegu in Ogugu/ Ofante of Kogi state Nigeria.
My imbroglio ensued  August 2nd 2020, by 8am Sunday morning when I was getting ready for church.
My wife and I hard heated altercation over an issue that was none of our business.  She was narrating the strange events that  happened within our neighbourhood during the week and how all the couples in the neighbourhood were engaged in bitter rift to the extent that the extended family of one of my neighbours came to chase the wife out of the home.
It was within this same story, our’s started in similar fashion with what was happening in the neighbourhood during the week.
My wife made some strange  utterances in a certain position and state. Many who heard the statement cried out in rage and said it was an abomination in almost all part of Africa and not limited to my village alone.
I was to either divorce my wife, go for appeasement of the gods or die if I elect to remain in the marriage with out the appeasement.
I said, I don’t worship the village deity and what was my business with them to go and appease them over what happens in my house.
I said, what is the essence of Christianity and the church if I have to go and appease village idols for any reason.
I said, I serve a living God who is greater than all the combined forces of hell and earth.
I was told nobody including pastors had ever survived the onslaught of the deity and I can not be the first.
I said, my God is able to deliver me and He will deliver me and nothing on earth will make me appease any deity that I owe no allegiance to.
When people from my nativity saw I was resolute and determined not to go for any appeasement,  they concluded that I will be dead in no distant time. People were filling sorry for me, I was gradually being deserted over fears that the deity will consume them if they associated with me or my wife. I was under serious pressure from those who loved and truly cared for me. Some were already crying that my death was a fait accompli.
In no distant time, I began to see all the signs they said I would see. I began to see soldiers chasing me in the dream every night, dead people and dead relatives,  I began to see lions trying to devour me but I remained resolute in my trust in God.
Ladies and gentlemen it is one year after and I am still alive hale and hearty to the Glory of the living God.
If you haven’t seen any body survive ibegu deity, see him now,
If you haven’t heard of anyone that survived ibegu, hear it now.
Matthew 10:28  And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
Jeremiah 10:11
Thus shall ye say unto them, The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, [even] they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens.
Paul Negedu is an Abuja based legal practitioner.

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