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China And Nigeria To Increase Cooperation On Opportunities For Younger People

Mr Li Xuda, Cultural Counsellor at Embassy of the People’s Republic of China has said his country and Nigeria will increase collaboration to create opportunities for young people.

Mr Li stated this on Monday, 23rd August, at the 2021 Commemoration of the International Day for the Remembrance of Slave Trade and its Abolition, hosted by the Ministry of Information and Culture. According to Li, everybody joined hands together, worked together in the efforts that led to the abolition of slavery.

On what can be done to avoid modern day slavery, Li said, “I think it’s crucial for China and Nigeria to work together to promote social development, especially the economic development. If we develop our economy faster, we can create more jobs, more opportunities for young people.”

He emphasized that China and Nigeria must work together to to fight against human trafficking and other crimes. “I think this will make the society a better and safer environment. It will be better for us to cooperate and do more work to protect the future generation.”

Speaking on what to expect, going forward in Nigeria-China relations, Mr Li said, “I think there will be more of international exchanges and bilateral exchanges in all areas: culture, education, commercial, political, diplomatic, social, etc.”

“We can improve the level of our exchanges and relations.

You know this year marks 50 years of Nigeria-China bilateral relations. We can showcase our exhibitions, and also have a framework of road initiative.

“You can see a lot of achievements. I think on this solid foundation, we can do more. We can work together to talk about our plans — future plans to meet up our strategies. To make more progress, more projects to push forward our cooperation.”

In a welcome address, the Permanent Secretary of Federal Ministry of Information, Dr Ifeoma Anyanwutaku urged China and Nigeria to work closely with other stakeholders to empower citizens against Modern Day Slavery.

The event also featured photo exhibition. Other stakeholders who attended the event are UNESCO, student groups etc.

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