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Naira Official Exchange Rate, August 27, 2021

Currencies To the naira {₦}
US dollar{USD} 410.50
Euro {EUR} 482.40
British Pound {GBP} 562.32
Australia Dollar {AUD} 297.65
Canadian Dollar {CAD} 323.95

Chinese yuan {RMB} 63.36
Egyptian Pound {EGP} 26.15
Ghanaian Cedi {GHS} 67.79
Hong Kong Dollar {HKD} 52.70
India Rupee {INR} 5.56
Japanese Yen {JPY} 3.73
Saudi Arabian Riyal{SAR} 109.46
Singapore Dollar {SGD} 303.75
South African Rand {ZAR 27.53

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