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LIBERIA: ‘Verdict Against Corruption’ By Jeremiah Bryant

To be candid’ the supreme Court of Liberia did exceedingly well in recent years to come down with a remarkable verdict Against the act of Corruption.
Con Artist, Secretary of the Senate,  Nabonlor Singbeh who set up a criminal network few years ago in a quest to dupe czech business partner Hans Armstrong did not get away with it. Secretary Singbeh had been using his  Profolio for years now to stall justice ; something Minister Frank Musa Dean, Minister of Justice on the other hand sees as an entrenched obstacle for the law to take its course. Both Singbeh and Dean are partners to the Czech business victim ; from different perspective. There where the task to prove who’s the business victim reliable partner ensued . Minister Dean insisted in a written letter to Albert Chie , Pro – Tempore of the Liberian senate for Secretary Singbeh to be relinquished off his capacity. It can not be actually established as to whether Pro – Tempore Chie concorded but what is relevant Secretary Singbeh and other accomplices succumbed to justice.
The question here is what if business victim Hans Armstrong wasn’t partnering with Justice Minister Frank  Musu Dean too ; was he ought to experience speedy trial as this ?
Although, Minister Dean Criminally solicited bribes in the dark for jurors presiding ; the bottomline was justice shouldn’t be forestalled by the defendent.
Now , Crook Singbeh alone didn’t swallow the wired $ 5 million. It was a total criminal conspiracy. Mr. George Wisner at the time was the National Investment Commission (NIC) Executive Director . Of course,  mining investment as such wouldn’t hit the ground without his consent. Therefore, they connived. Othello Z.B.Karr , NIC Incentive Officer was in the criminal loop as well ; included a lady named Gloria Caine. the verdict charge them economic sabotage, theft of property and criminal conspiracy. If criminal court ‘A’ of the supreme Court of Liberia speedily and transparently trial corruption cases of similar nature ; verdict Against corruptible acts in public offices and other fabrics of society will be considerably deterred to a great deal of extent.
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