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Bwari Council Polls: Court Adjourn Certificates Forgery Case To September 

By Akogu Yusuf

The allegations of certificates forgery case involving the two Bwari residents, Hassan Gimbal Zakari and Ibrahim Abdul seeking disqualification of the incumbent Chairman and candidate of PDP and his deputy as well as the candidate of APC, Audi Haruna Shekwolo came up for hearing today at the Federal high court, Abuja

The two plaintiffs wants the two candidates disqualified from contesting the February 2022 election on the ground that they were not validly nominated.

In an interview with journalists after adjournment was granted, counsel to the Chairman and candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Karinat Tunya SAN said someone that was not an aspirant or a party member but only refer to himself as an interested party is challenging that the particulars submitted by the 1st and 2nd defendants, the chairman and Vice Chairman of Bwari area council were either forged or falsified, therefore they should be disqualified from contesting the Council election in February, 2022.

“We are contending that not being an aspirant or a member of a political, he has no locust standing to file the case, he is just a busy body”.

While the lawyer to the All Progressive Congress (APC) Haruna Yakubu said the plaintiff is not a member of the party.

“His name did not appear in the record we have obtained because they was revalidation and registration of membership. He is alleging that the candidate of APC did not resigned properly from his appointment before contested for primary election. I don’t want to say much, all matters are before the court”. He stressed.

But Barrister George Ibrahim, who is representing the two plaintiffs in both cases, while responding to claims by lawyers to the defendants that his clients are Interlopers and doesn’t have the locust standing to file the case said section 31(5) of the electoral act made it clear that anybody that has knowledge that a candidate in an election has presented forged documents or information to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) can approach any of the high court to disqualify such a candidate from contesting the election. ”

Anybody has the right under electoral act and the electoral act derived it power from the constitution itself. So saying only candidates or aspirants in an election can challenge candidates for false information or documents is lying.”

“Audi Haruna Shekwolo did not resigned his appointment 30 days before contesting the primary election he purportedly won under the All progressive Congress (APC). The court process file by his counsel is that He refunded one month salary in lieu of notice is not known to our laws. The law only recognize resignation which is captured in electoral act.”

“This is not about employers, employees relationship in conventional issues. This is pre election matter that is generics. Electoral act emphasized on the word “shall” it means it is compulsory.”

“The candidate of PDP and the incumbent chairman and his deputy didn’t go to school. People vying for position must be people that must be above board, they most not be people that have skeleton in their cupboards. For you to lead others, you must have clean hands.”

“Our case against them is that they are not qualified to contest the February 2022 chairmanship election in Bwari area council.”

The matter has been adjourned to September 14 for further hearing.

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