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‘The Kemayah’s Style of Corruption ‘

Mr Lawerence Gaunnue, Vice principal for Instruction(VPI) at the Newport Junior High school who taught D.Maxwell Kemayah as a teenager in a LIMCO’s private school once said “Maxwell had been a brilliant boy. Quick to outsmart. He always wants to be the one to outshine or outclass his buddies “.

These words should ring a bell for anyone who truly knows D.Maxwell Kemayah. Those endowments and Methodologies of a lad haven’t fade away yet. To speak true to reality, they have even gotten much stronger by years and age. the limelight of Kemayah’s political endeavour actually reflected during the 2017 election campaign; when he chaired MOVEE political party. Again, Being quick to outsmart as vice principal Gaunnue stated ; Kemayah envisaged that his political leader Milton Jones had no place in the hearts of people , despite he Kemayah emboldened candidate Jones to splash the cash ; D.Maxwell Kemayah begun to have a plan B for political reliance. To the broken heart of Aspirant Milton Jones that nearly sent him to the great beyond; Kemayah slammed the door to join the CDC’s crusade for Corruption.

Someone like Mr Gaunnue is never dismayed to hear that D.Maxwell Kemayah got a high – ranked Profolio when he got appointed by a government as an Ambassador to such seat as United Nations; without knowing him for ages !
Kemayah’s meddling and intellectual pomposity outshone confidence; therefore, he convinced his new clique and got a foothold.

‘A Return to Corrupt ‘

Kemayah took over from a troubled Findley who reputation got lashes on the Scandal of Andrew Wonplo illicit passport sale. As fresh as the issue was ; Kemayah’s pretentious reform policy was a blanket to cover his corrupt cronyism and nepotistic side. Not even 3years in his new function; Kemayah had re – called and posted approximately 24 of those identified as his buddies and relatives ; many of whom he posted in western countries. A good number of them went without foreign service training. What remains disgusting about it ;

captures the attention of the outlandish salaries he logged them over senior diplomats. The scheme is such that if Kemayah’s nephew or classmate got posted with a $ 2700.00us salary for example; 65% of the sum when withdrawn is wired back to him, Kemayah . Imagine, if Kemayah swells the number; that’s a reliable fat pocket monthly. And when that corruption continues to the finished line of the Weah’s presidency ; D.Maxwell Kemayah has nothing to lose!
The Liberia Anti – Corruption Commission (LACC) needs to swiftly probe the allegation of the source that chose to remain anonymous at this time.
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