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Bishop Oyedepo Warns Christians Against Helping Muslims Who Beg In The Name Of Allah

Founder of Living Faith Church, also known as Winners’ Chapel Worldwide Bishop David Oyedepo has said he would reject any beggar who asks him for help in the name of Allah.

Allah is the Arabic word used for God, and it is used by Muslims, Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews.

Oyedepo, in an audio message circulating on social media which appears to be on giving, urged congregants to give to the needy in the church rather than giving to Hausa folks who beg along the road.

The bishop told the worshippers that the needy in the church is the best ground for them to sow.
He said alms given to the northern folks who seek by the road side is a wasted seed.

“You begin with the household of faith, especially, that means in comparison, the needy in the church is the best ground for you to sow in giving to the needy, not the Malams by the roadside. That is by the wayside. The birds of the air will come and chop (sic) it,” he said.

“The early church only prayed for by the roadside, they don’t give them anything. They give to the poor in the church. I’ve always said it, the first person to say ‘I beg you in the name of Jesus’, I will take him up as a responsibility. ’I beg you please give me to eat’, if he said ‘in Jesus’ name’, I’ll know it’s one of the brethren.

“So I’ll pick him up and wash him clean and nurture him and feed him and give him a reason for living. But not ‘I beg you in the name of Allah’, no way, no way, no way.”

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