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Karu, Environs Face Longer Blackout As AEDC Begins Loadshedding Over Failed Power Transformer


Abuja Electricity Distribution Plc says it has commenced a loadshedding programme in Karu, Nyanya, Jikwoyi, Karshi, Ado, Mararaba and environs following the confirmation of the failure of one of the 2 X 60MVA power transformer at the 132/33kV transmission station by the Abuja Region of the Transmission Company of Nigeria.

In a statement made available to the media by the Company, AED Plc said with the failure of one of the TCN transformers, the loadshedding of customers in the affected areas may become worse as the 2 X 60MVA that hitherto served the areas were grossly inadequate.

AED Plc said further in the statement that prior to the failure of the TCN transformer, there had been loadshedding of power supply to the affected customers as a result of 132kV line limitation and overload of the 2 X 60MVA, 132/33kV transformers I & II at the Karu transmission station. The current situation is expected to further aggravate the level of loadshedding in the affected area as all the customers will now be fed from a single 60MVA transformer.

While appealing for the understanding and patience of the affected customers, AED Plc said TCN us working to resolve the challenge as quickly as possible. AED Plc further assured its customers that it will ensure that the loadshedding is done in an equitable manner during the period.

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