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Oh Igala, My Igala

….I will smite the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock shall be scattered abroad.
Oh Igala, My Igala,

A turn of another year
Yet the cry of the journeyed AGABAIDU remains unabated
Oh Igala, my Igala,

In the midst of a boiling jungle
Remaims our boiling issue
And we are helplessly at peace?
Oh Igala, my Igala

We tried to look away as time passes
But our issue chose not to go away
Why do we want to conquer without a contest?
Oh Igala, my Igala

How long shall we condone
issues confronting our patrimony
And hope to earn respect?
Oh Igala, my Igala

We are casually playing the casualties
Of a squandered fame
And hope not to be de-robed by minors?
Oh Igala, my Igala

Are we going to wait
For a dwindled Kingdom?
Then lick the wounds of our oppressors?
Oh Igala, my Igala

What are we going to
be-quit to the next generation?
That Igala meandered without a head in our time?
Oh Igala, my Igala

That in centuries past we were brave
But in centuries now
We are cowardly?
Oh Igala, my Igala

My heart bleeds ,
Why not arise and take your highly referred patrimony?
Oh Igala, my Igala

Agabaidu, the lion
Is left alone too long
And the bush is burning
Oh Igala, my Igala

Arise and take back
Agabaidu, the great hunter
Oh Igala, my Igala

Arise oh Igala blood
The lion is over stayed on hunting
and our land is becoming desolate
Oh Igala, my Igala

Arise and stand
Oh Arise , we are loosing time
Stand up for your patrimony
Oh Igala, my Igala

Let there be light!

From the prophetic stable of –
Apostle Ocholi Ekpe Odekina
Ane’Gala, the Prophetic Angle
And National President,
Ane Igala Restoration (AIR)

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