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The sacred throne (Akpa-Ayegba) of the Igala Kingdom’s Divine-King, Attah Igala, is vacant. The sacred hunt is protracted. The Hunters’ oath stays untaken. The sons of Attah and the sons of the sons of Attah are at war. Usurpers buoyed by the backings of compromised royals and the financial war-chest of their political patrons are knocking too. The Igala Kingdom now seethes with malicious royal rivalries and unforgiving fiery feuds. The princes no longer listen to the kingmakers. And the politicians are flirting with an ever portent power of a tradition they do not fully understand. Hell is now empty, and all the devils are here in Idah stoking the conundrums of royal heirs and the kingmakers and politicians in fiery feuds. All over Igala land, thrones are standing empty, and the royal inheritors are the neck of each other. In Idah, the throne of Attah Igala has been vacant all year long. In Igala Ogba, the stool of Achadu hides empty in shadows. In Olamaboro, cobwebs gather on the footstool of Obaje Otalu of Atabaka. In Abocho, the seat of the Aidu of Biraidu is vacant. In Ankpa, the office of the Ejeh of Ankpa has fallowed for five years now. And everywhere in Igala land, there is gapping emptiness and void in the steely fabric of Igala traditional leadership.
In Idah, the royal right of succession to the throne of Attah Igala has been questioned and haggled for. A betraying group of Igala royal cabals have mounted vitriolic propaganda against the throne and the gazetted rule of succession. Internal familial rivalries have also deepened the crisis of ascendancy to the throne.
@Michael Achile Umameh…… full essay to be published……..September 2021….

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