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Imo PDP A Cyber Terrorist Organization –Group

The Global Association of Concerned Imo Youths, GACIY, has accused the Imo State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of being responsible for the recent cloning of a digital copy of ThisDay newspaper which bore a malicious banner headline against the State Governor and circulating the same online.

The affected national tabloid has since distanced itself from the digital copy that went viral, but in making its allegation, GACIY described the party in the State as a “cyber terrorist organization.”

This was contained in a statement signed by the group’s convener, Collins Ughalaa, and made available to newsmen on Monday September 6, 2020, wherein it also alleged that the party was as well culpable of manufacturing and circulating several similar fake news in the year 2020.

It called on security agencies to investigate Imo PDP for the alleged cases of impersonation, forgery and fake news propagation, insisting that the party’s aim was to tear the State into shreds simply because it lost power following a judgment of the Supreme Court on January 14, 2020.

The State read: “The Global Association of Concerned Imo Youths wishes to state categorically that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State and their agents were behind the cloning and online circulation of the digital edition of ThisDay newspaper, with the headline: “SHOCKING: UZODIMMA DECLARES FREE MARRIAGE BETWEEN FULANI SETTLERS AND IMO LADIES, on Friday, August 27, 2021.

“Incidentally, the lead story on Friday, August 27 edition of ThisDay newspaper was: “Buhari Elated as NNPC Breaks Jinx, Declares N287bn Profit, First in 44 Years”. But through their evil machinations the PDP was able to clone the digital edition of the newspaper to further malign Governor Hope Uzodimma.

“This revelation is the fruit of painstaking, forensic investigations into the matter. The act committed by the PDP amounts to cyber terrorism. And since the PDP has been in this inglorious act since 2020 when it lost the reins of power in the State, we are forced to believe that the party is a cyber terrorist organisation.

“With the latest fawning attitude, it has become clear also that the PDP has become a vampire and cannibal, and glory has departed from the party, as it is now clawing on any available straw.

“It is sad that the PDP, a party that governed Imo State for over ten years, has abandoned its core functions as a political party and as the major opposition party in the State and instead took to criminal activities alien to party politics and decent society. These acts include cyber stalking and cyber terrorism.

“We recall how the PDP told barefaced lies in 2020 that some herdsmen were quartered in forests in Orlu Zone. The ravages resulting from that false alarm and despicable deception by the PDP is yet to abate. Ontop of that, the party does not consider it fit and proper to profusely apologise and seek the face of God. Rather the party appears emboldened in its nefarious ways.

“Last year, the State was replete with fake press releases and false alarms from the PDP. On one occasion during the tough days of the Coronavirus Pandemic when the Federa lGovernment banned foreign travels, the PDP raised the false alarm that the State Government brought in foreigners. The party also created a false picture of the Governor, portraying him as a military dictator and circulated it on various social media platforms.

“The latest cyber terrorism of the Imo PDP, which is the cloning of the digital edition of ThisDay newspaper, is no doubt a heinous crime, a mortal sin. The PDP has sinned against the Holy Spirit. What the PDP has done is a crime against Nigeria, a crime against free speech and the integrity of journalism in Nigeria.

“Ordinarily, we have no qualms with any Imo person choosing to marry a Northerner or a Northerner choosing to marry an Igbo man. After all, there are such marriages. Nigeria is not so bad that we cannot inter marry, mix up, school together, attend church and mosque together, or even do business together.

“Of a fact, PDP leaders have friends in the North and take traditional titles from Northern communities. They do contracts for governments in the North. But as a vampire and cyber terrorist that it is, the PDP tried to put a wedge among Nigerians by attempting to further polarize Nigerians among North and Igbo divides, instead of contributing to cement the country’s unity. That was why they falsely claimed that marriage between Northerners and Imo ladies has become State policy, and for free!

“We wonder why the PDP would dicipate energy on dividing Nigeria or causing commotion in Imo State instead of making efforts to solve its eternal problems and stop the sharp divide among its State Excos. The mutiny in the PDP State Exco is big enough to engage a serious party instead of spending time scheming on dividing Nigeria and setting brothers against brothers.

“While we call on security agencies in the State to beam their light on the PDP with a view to arresting its leaders for such heinous crimes to serve as deterrent, we call on the party to save itself the shame by atoning its sin, by apologising to Imo people.

“We cannot allow the PDP to tear our State into shreds just because it failed to overcome its loss of power on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. Imo does not belong to PDP; Imo belongs to Imo people.”

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