In response to China’s threat that the US will not come, Joe Biden delivers a “possibly lethal” message to friends

In response to China’s threat that the US will not come, Joe Biden delivers a “possibly lethal” message to friends.

GB News Alastair Stewart cautioned that Joe Biden’s actions in Afghanistan are sending a “possibly catastrophic” message to allies concerned about China’s expanding influence.

Joe Biden has been chastised for his decision to withdraw all US soldiers from Afghanistan, which he announced after his predecessor Donald Trump did so. The Taliban have reclaimed huge swaths of the country, including the capital Kabul, as a result of the pullout. President Biden, according to GB News host Alastair Stewart, could be weakening US foreign policy and sending a “possibly catastrophic” signal to allies worried about China’s development.

“Behind these stunning photographs, some deeper truths have emerged,” the GB News anchor stated.

“Joe Biden endorsed Donald Trump’s America First motto, which he despises. It’s tricky in commerce, but it’s potentially catastrophic in foreign policy.

“’Be afraid – when confrontation occurs, America will not,’ China warned Taiwan.

“Biden made NATO, or at least substantial elements of it, appear powerless.”

Mr. Stewart further claimed that President Biden’s rejection of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s request for an extension to the evacuation deadline harmed the unique relationship between the UK and the US.

“Here, the particular bond appeared exceptionally pitiful,” he continued.

“In the last 48 hours, ISIS-K, the Taliban’s Afghan adversaries, attacked the airport. The United States said this morning that it has killed a major leader, but the fighters continue.

“A civil war is raging in Afghanistan, and the United States is turning a blind eye. The globe is more destabilized than it has ever been.

“Allies distrustful of one another, major democracies powerless in the face of a US President determined to put his country first.”

On Friday, a Coast Guard cutter went through the Taiwan Strait, the latest in a series of routine operations by Washington in the delicate waterway that separates Taiwan from China, which claims the self-ruled island.

The passage comes amid an increase in military tensions between Taiwan and China in the previous two years, and comes after Chinese attack rehearsals last week, which included warships and fighter jets operating off the island’s southwest and southeast coasts.

The US Navy said in a statement that the Kidd, an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer, and the Coast Guard cutter Munro transited “through international waters in conformity with international law.”

“The ships’ authorized transit through the Taiwan Strait reflects the United States’ commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific,” they continued. “Brinkwire Summary News” from the US military.

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