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Cardiocare Facility Organises 2-day 80 Percent Discount Interventional Program


A health facility, Cardiocare Speacialty Hospital with support from Cardiovascular Education Foundation has organised intervention program of about 80 percent discount for 16 patients with various cardiovascular diseases.
In a press briefing held in Abuja, the medical director of Cardiocare Multispecialty Hospital, Abuja, Dr.Oyindamila Awofisoye disclosed that the cardiology hospital which is a branch of the Limi hospital group focused on internal medicine and cardiovascular medicine has organised the 80 percent Interventional cardiology program due to the immense need for intervention in cardiovascular health in the country.
Awofisoye further explained that the program which is supported by the Cardiovascular Education Foundation in USA has given opportunity to attend to a few cases which were delayed due to financial constraints.
He added that heart diseases are greatly under reported which has resulted in sudden deaths, noting that it is achievable and now available to have quality cardiovascular care in the country.
Which according to him would stem losses to medical tourism and improve accessibility of tertiary healthcare services as it also allows for basic skills to be passed on to fellows who will take part in procedures to go back and pass knowledge to their institutions, adding that it result in a cascading effect and hopefully address problem of brain drain in the sector.
He however, recommended frequency of heart checks from middle age, for every two years, and more frequently when risk factors of overweight, hypertension or smoking status are present.
Dr. Tayo Addo, Interventional cardiologist, USA, expressed his satisfaction with the hospital, while noting that they have been partnering with Nigerian physicians for years through education in commitment to ensuring cardiovascular procedures particularly the ones involving the cathlap minimum procedures techniques so that patients can leave the same day or next day, after procedure is done.

He noted that there is a great need to provide more centres to enable the foundation partner with in providing cardiocare, adding that it also allows for training of more physicians to replicate standards of cardiocare as seen in countries with better medical care.
Consultant, Interventional cardiologist, Dr. Edafe Emmanuel stressed that it is laudable that the foundation has partnered with many institutions for these interventions for years now, adding that it as well trains fellows and allow for procedures that were rare due to high cost of surgery accessible at low cost due to the interventional program.

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