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Putin Invites Musk To His Residence To Talk About Space Colonization.

End of the world: Russian President Vladimir Putin invites Musk to his residence to talk about space colonization.

Dmitry Rogozin, the Russian space tzar, hinted at the end of the earth when he invited Elon Musk to Russia to discuss ways to continue civilisation off the planet.

Elon Musk has long advocated for aiming for the stars, and is currently working on a spacecraft that might land the first human inhabitants on the Red Planet. Roscosmos, Russia’s state-run space agency, has now claimed that these ideas are similar to his own, and has invited the South African billionaire to his home for a conversation. Dmitry Rogozin sent Mr Musk an unusual invitation this week, hoping that Russia’s wealthiest oligarchs would take notice.

“Our millionaires prefer to invest more in yachts than than spaceships,” he told CNN.

“However, it’s possible that the children of current Russian millionaires will be far wiser creatures.”

“Mr Elon Musk achieves many of the concepts and thoughts that we intended to realize but were unable to do so since our space programme was stalled for some time after the fall of the Soviet Union,” he continued.

“We look up to him as a space industry organizer and an inventor who isn’t afraid to take chances.”

After attempting to get the attention of SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Twitter last month, Mr Rogozin reached out to him.

Earlier in August, the head of Roscosmos sent a threatening message to Mr Musk, inviting him to visit Russia’s main launch site in Kazakhstan.

He now says he wants to talk about how SpaceX and Russia can “use space to maintain life on Earth,” among other things.

And it looks that the invitation was accepted.

Mr Musk responded just a few hours after releasing the open CNN interview on his public Twitter channel, saying, “Thanks!” “Can you tell me about your favorite tea?”

If Mr Musk accepts the offer and travels to Russia, the two rocket scientists are likely to discuss the possibility of life on Earth ending.

Mr. Musk has previously stated that the Earth is a ticking time bomb, and that humanity is on the verge of dying with a boom or a whimper.

On the one hand, he is concerned that a world war, rogue asteroid, or other similarly catastrophic event could strike the globe without warning.

On the other side, he believes that technical and cultural stagnation could lead to civilisation’s demise.

As a result, Mr Musk feels that the key to securing the life of.

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