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The Society Of Distrust And Fearful Hearts 

By: Adegoke Oluwaseyi
A young lady recently made a trip to one of the eastern states in Nigeria and on getting to the state she encountered a man who looked so innocent. He sought for her attention and she gave him a listening ear. That he was looking for a particular street where he was told to bring the goods he has with him. She told him she does not know the place but she called someone who stood close if he knew the location and the man said such place does not exist and that it might be another location because of the name of the landmark site mentioned.  The man told her that he is a stranger to Nigeria and that he is from Cameroon that he brought some goods to sell because some people called him to bring the goods and that since he arrived he has been unable to reach them on call and that he has now gotten some new clients who are ready to buy the goods from him.
He further told her that he would need her assistance because he does not understand the Igbo language and also that he does not want to be cheated because he does not also know how to count the Nigerian currency and he brought out the Central African CFA Franc which is the currency that Cameroon uses saying that’s the currency he knows how to count sighting some past experiences he had in one of the southern states in Nigeria where he claimed he was cheated by those he had business with.
The young lady showed sympathy to the man and was ready to assist the man in order for him not to be cheated and agreed to help him. So she and the man she called who was standing close to her and the said stranger both agreed to assist the man in order for the stranger not to see the Nigerians as cheats and swindlers who always cheat people of their hard earned money. They got into the car and began their journey to the said location and the stranger began asking if they were Christians and that he is a Christian and that they were going to take an oath using sand because” we all came from the dust and unto dust shall we return” and that’s because he does not want them to cheat him. The young lady then became scared that how can you claim to be a Christian and then want to engage in such act, that’s against her faith as a Christian and she cannot do that, she said all she wanted doing was only to help him and nothing more nothing less.
She requested that the man stopped the car that she was no longer comfortable with him and the man did not want to stop. So she opened the door and the man stopped the car and she quickly came out of the car and because of the way she rushed out of the car and the presence of people there the man sped off without looking back with the other man still in the car.
The main gist in these is that the so called stranger and the man that was standing close by are partners in their nefarious and criminal act. This same act of theirs have been happening in different parts of the country most especially the eastern and southern parts of the county. They will give their victims same stories and any one that falls prey to them would be robbed of all their valuables with them because they would have hypnotize their victims in order for them to achieve their goal. Also they bring up business talks with huge amount of money involved especially in public transports and those that have greedy and fast money making heart would fall fully for their tricks.
We are all humans and according to one of the divine instructions which says “love your neighbour as you love yourself” that does not imply you should take the love and kindness of other people who are trying to reach out to you in your time of need for granted. That is why so many people today have stopped helping people because of past experiences and stories they have heard. There are a lot of people out there that will see somebody in pool of blood on the road or someone by the road side who seems to be in need of help but they will dare not stop due to fear that such could be a trap by robbers. Some do not give alms to beggars these days because some people have started using that for diabolical things that will have negative impact on the life of the good hearted givers.
Let us have a society that people would not be scared of helping one another because we all need each other no matter what and by doing so a lot of lives would be impacted and faces that had known tears and hearts that known sorrows will be joyful again.

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