Zimbabwean Prophet Who Prophesied Tinubu’s Win Say He May Not Finish Term, To Turnaround Economy

Famous Zimbabwean Prophet Passion Java is not backing down, despite the threats he received for prophesying the outcomes of Nigeria’s election.

On Sunday, Mr Java, who is the founder of the Kingdom Embassy church, prophesied that he had seen the results of the election.

The prophet, also an associate of the Zimbabwean president, Emerson Mnangagwa, who promised to storm Nigeria with fire in 2023, was diplomatic with his prophecies, but Nigerians didn’t take it lightly.

Although he did entirely mention a name, he pointed out that the winner’s name began with a “T”, which most people deciphered to be APC candidate and now President-elect Bola Tinubu.

‘‘In Nigeria, we already saw the elections. When I prophesied on the International Day of Prophecy, I saw this man with glasses, whose name was like T. I saw him walking into power this February.”

In a recent interview, the controversial prophet claimed he had received another vision from the realms of the spirit.

According to the 35-year-old prophet, in his vision, he was instructed to tell Nigerians that Mr Tinubu should be adhered to and his opponents should join forces with him.

He said, “The Lord said to me last night, they should listen to this Tinubu guy, they would try to fight him not to be inaugurated, but he would be inaugurated.

When he is inaugurated, he will offer these men to join forces and work together to build the nation of Nigeria; the lord said they should take this offer because God is sending this man to raise the economy and make a better Nigeria.”

He also revealed that his vision showed that Mr Tinubu might not finish his term due to his health.

“Lastly, the Lord said to pray for his health because the enemy would challenge his health, and he might not finish his term. So Pray for him.”

He acknowledged some might not like it, but they should join forces and build the nation of Nigeria.


From his previous prophecy, he received significant backlash and threats from Nigerians who condemned his visions.

More Nigerians have also flooded the comment sections to reject his prophecies.

AmazingKlef wrote that the prophet was speaking based on “obvious facts” and not spiritual visions and also stated that the prophet thought he was dealing with fools.

Another user, KcPozzy, pointed out that he must have been bribed- “This guy don collects money.”

Another user, Iamdonclef, pointed out that he was trying to stay relevant so Mr Tinubu could invite him over.

The Zimbabwean prophet is one of his country’s most controversial prophets.

His church, at different points, has been called out for announcing false prophecies and recently, it was alleged that he ordered his mistress, Yolanda Makaya, to abort an eight-month-old pregnancy.

The flamboyant preacher was also said to have blown half a million rands on a custom Gucci suit!


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