Cleric Speaks Of 3 Philosophies Destroying The World

Cleric Speaks Of 3 Philosophies Destroying The World


The Catholic Bishop of Lafia Diocese, Reverend Monsignor David Ajang, has espoused three, 3, philosophies believed to be destroying the world by the day.

In his homily while celebrating the Sunday Holy Mass at St Sylvester’s Parish New Nyanya, in Karu local government area of Nasarawa State yesterday, Bishop Ajang who called them ‘philosophies of darkness’ said the first one is ‘individualism’, which he termed as selfishness.

Monsignor Ajang’s pastoral visit was chiefly to commission the centre as a fully fledged parish as it has, for its more than a decade of existence, remained an Independent Mission under Lafia Diocese.

According to him, many people now think less of others such that whatever they care about is what favours them individually and they don’t care what their action cause for others.

He said many people practise it on a daily basis, and in most cases unknown to them right from the home, siting the habit of people dumping their waste in open gutters for rain water to carry them away without considering the fact that the rubbish would eventually be moved to somebody else’s domain.

“So if you look around, you see that this sin of selfishness is a form of darkness’ which have taken over us,” he said.

The second, he said, is ‘egoism’ which he explained to be the excessive want of pleasure.

Giving an instance, he said, “I don’t know whether you observe, today, most of our young ones have become yahoo boys; and there are girls who will tell they want to marry a yahoo boy,” adding that on the girls’ side, they have instutitionalised prostitution.

“Prostitution has been institutionalised across an entire generation. And you ask, how did we get to this stage, all some people think about is pleasure and fun.

“The third one talks about ‘minimalism’. People are only ready to do very little or put in very little, but want to gain so much.

Giving an instance, he said there many men in in this generation who are not ready to do anything, but want their wife to take care of herself, the children, and them as husbands, excluding those that make frantic move to get something doing but cannot get.

Cleric Speaks Of 3 Philosophies Destroying The World
Catholic Bishop of Lafia Diocese, Reverend Monsignor David Ajang

He charged the faithful to consider those philosophies as sins and turn away from them, and be strong in the faith at all times to overcome darkness as a people of light.

He noted that the confrontation between darkness and light or good and evil did not start today but right from creation when the devil entered the Garden of Eden to deceive man, adding that the same scenario repeated itself in the new testament of the Bible when after his baptism and God’s declaration, Jesus was led to the wilderness by Satan and tempted thrice.


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