Clergies Urged To Be Good Ambassadors Of Christ

Emmanuel Awari-Jalingo

Clergies have been charged to be good ambassadors of Christ anywhere they found themselves.

The Guest Speaker at the convocation ceremony of Kakulu Theological Seminary KTS, Zing, Rev. Dr. Victor Audu gave the charge while delivering his message to the graduating students of the institute in Zing. 

“God has equipped you and is sending you out there to ensure that the rules of Christ are enforced. Jesus sent his disciples to go and preach the gospel of Christ to all Nations.

“You are not only sent to go and preach the gospel, but also to go and learn certain things.

He advised them not to look down on anybody while carrying out their responsibilities.

“Do not look down on people, they are all important to you and your wellbeing. Don’t look down on the illitrate ones, thinking that you don’t need them, what they know you may not know, so they are all important to you.

“Come down to their levels and learn from them or each other. Don’t show them that you have a degree while they have no certificate.

He pointed out that globalization has caused more harm than good.

The Guest Speaker tilted his message: “Kingdom mindedness or values and take his reading from Luke 9:1-2,6 said:

“Globalization is good, but come against Christian ethics. If you go to Facebook and other applications, hardly you see gospel but you see ponographics pictures, women displaying their nackedness amongst others.

“People tell lies on phone e.g. where are you now?  I am at home, while the person is elsewhere.

“The question I want to ask is, are you among those making globalization right or making it worst?

In his remarks, the Director, Connectional Ministries United Methodist Church UMC Rev. Dr. Micha Dopah, appreciated the West African University, Akpakpa, Cotonou, Benin Republic for the award of Honourary Degree and Certificate by the Institute of Model Management and Administration of Nigeria, Lagos, in recognition of his efforts in Gospel and Leadership.

He pointed out that the Kakulu Theological Seminary KTS Zing, is been sustained by God and that he will never fail to take care of it at all times and situations.

“As a man of God, ICT will be revived beyond it’s standard as far as I remain in this denomination.

“God use me to renovate Water boreholes in Lau and Zing Local governments at over have a million naira, same God will do same.

He reminded graduating students that they are sent to take the Gospel to anywhere they find themselves.

“As you go from here today, go and form Holy Clubs in your Charges, Churches, Terriary Institutions. Go and preach Holiness.

“I want to appreciate all for standing with me.

Earlier, the Provost, Kakulu Theological Seminary KTS Zing Rev. Manasseh Waziri, said that the Kakulu Theological Seminary, is the only Seminary that the Southern Conference of United Methodist Church UMC can boast of, hence the need to sustain and develop it. ”it should be a collective responsibility”.

He reminded the gathering that the Theological Seminary is not a money making project, hence the need for the Conference to develop a sustainable funding system that can bring about solid development to make it attractive to even non – UMC members to study.

“You are aware that because of poor funding system by the government, conventional Universities in Nigeria went for eight months industrial action. This is not because ASUU wanted to sabotage student’s efforts educationally, but because they want a good funding system which should make our Universities to be of standard that will measure up with other Universities across the globe.

“There is no standard education without a standard funding.

He use the opportunity to call on the host community relinquish their land to KTS.

“Our host community should please for the sake of our fathers and grandfathers who were supportive to the mission activities in this axis who considered it obligatory to relinquish their land to KTS should be a thing of deeper reflection and consideration.

He described such act as a betrayal to the will of the dead and urged them to release the confiscated land to KTS.

He congratulated the graduants for enduring the challenges, adding that it has not been easy.


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