King Charles, Queen Camilla, Andrew Parker Bowles,

How Camilla’s Ex-husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, Attended Coronation And Watched Her Become Queen

King Charles’ celebratory coronation featured plenty of high-profile guests — including Queen Camilla’s ex-husband, Andrew Parker Bowles.

Andrew attended the ceremony on Saturday, watching his ex-wife become queen nearly 30 years after their divorce. The retired British Army officer wasn’t just there to support Camilla, though.

According to coronation programming, Andrew and Camilla’s grandsons, Louis, Gus, Lopes, and Freddy Parker Bowles, all served as Queen Camilla’s Pages of Honour. It’s an exciting role, one that Andrew played in 1953 for the coronation of the late Queen Elizabeth, Town & Country  reported.

Camilla apparently chose her grandchildren because she wanted today’s festivities to include as much of her family as possible.

“She is fiercely loyal to friends and that will be reflected in who goes to the big day. She wants to be loyal to the people who’ve stood by her,” her close friend, Lady Lansdowne, told The Sunday Times.

Andrew and Camilla originally married in the late 1970s and had two children, Tom Parker Bowles and Laura Parker Bowles. Their marriage was rocked by media scrutiny amid reports of an affair between Camilla and Charles, leading to their divorce in 1995.


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